Talus Slopes on the upper slopes of Coast Range mountains support mixed-species thickets, dominated by Sitka alder in wet sites, and vine maple in dry sites. Other shrubs include salmonberry, common snowberry, saskatoon, and thimbleberry. At high elevations on some peaks, copperbush may be found at the upper end of the talus slopes near balds.

Blueberry Thickets are interspersed on wet ledges and soils in forests, usually at higher elevations in the Columbia Coast region. Ovale-leaved blueberry grows in dense tall masses, with a diverse understory of wildflowers and sedges, often bordered by meadows with typical grassland species on the drier sites, and western hemlock forests on the wet. Salmonberry, thimbleberry, Sitka willow and several gooseberries are also found around these thickets.


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