Regional Plant List

The Columbia Coast is defined as the geographic area encompassing the counties around the mouth of the Columbia River. These include Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties, and west Lewis County in Washington, and Clatsop County, north Tillamook County, and west Columbia County in Oregon. This region is homogenous for climate, geology, soils and ecology.

A number of indigenous species grow at their northern or southern distribution limits on the Columbia Coast. The Columbia River, via international shipping, receives several new species each year, including plants, fish, invertebrates and plankton. The ocean beaches are national and international tourist destinations. New species come in from many other areas of the country and around the world. This can make identification of new plant species challenging and entertaining.

The contents of this list are updated each year, and additions of confirmed species are welcome. Please contact Kathleen Sayce at ksayce at willapabay dot org with your comments, corrections and additions.



Regional Plants of the Columbia Coast

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