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March 29, 2009

Due to a family health situation, I will not be leading wildflower hikes in 2009. I expect a good outcome to this situation, perhaps as early as midsummer, and anticipate resuming regular wildflower hikes in 2010.

Meanwhile, spring is coming, and there are many great trails in this region. Pick up a good field guide, put on your boots, and get out there.

And if you find anything new, unusual, or extraordinary, don’t forget to tell me!


Below are Kathleen's notes from past years' hikes in the lower Columbia River basin:

Fort Columbia State Park - March 2007
Gnat Creek Fish Hatchery - April 2007
Saddle Mountain State Park - June 2007
Beard's Hollow to Waikiki Beach - July 2007
Cape Disappointment State Park–Rainforest Loop Trail - April 2008
Saddle Mountain State Park - June 2008
Fritillaria affinis or chocolate lily on Saddle Mountain on June 14, 2008 (photograph by Kathleen Sayce)

Plant hikes throughout the year at Columbia Coast...

There's a lot to see all year, so get out sometime besides May or June, and see what's growing! Click on the month below to find out what's blooming for that month.

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- Kathleen Sayce, March 2009

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