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Winston in his foster homeNorman at Petco

We also rescue Boxers

George in his foster home

When dogs come to us they enter a safe haven where they are loved and cared for until their forever home is found. They become our priority. We give them a name if they don't have one, take them home and start loving them, as they deserve to be. Many of them require extra care. All of our dogs have been affected in some way by their unfortunate circumstances. Applying for a rescue dog means you are willing to care for one despite its possible problems, whether they be obvious or not. Adopting a rescue dog means taking a possibly neglected, abused and definitely needy dog and making a sincere COMMITMENT to properly care for and love him or her UNCONDITIONALLY for the rest of their life.

We have no more idea of what medical expenses this dog might incur in its future than an adoption agency would have for their children. Likewise we are not responsible for medical or any other expenses for the dog once it is adopted. The new adopter is expected to take on full responsibility for the dog OR return it to our rescue. We have medical care done when necessary by our very competent vet. That does not mean that your vet will have the same opinion of the dog's condition. Our dogs are adopted with full disclosure of health conditions, as we know them to be. We do not make adoption fee refunds because of any health conditions determined after adoption. Usually we pay more in vet bills for these dogs than we recover in their adoption fees. The difference comes out of our pocket, another reason why we are very selective about the homes our dogs go to.

Owning any dog is expensive. If you think you can save money by adopting a rescue you are WRONG. If you are not prepared to assume the necessary expenses of caring for a pet, please don't get one. There are already too many dogs in rescue for their previous owner's lack of funds.

Our adoption process can be very short or long and drawn out. The potential adopter determines much of this by how compliant they are with our adoption process of interviews, home visit and meeting with the dog. Please understand if the adoption process seems trying that we are working very hard to insure that the next home this dog goes to will be his or her FOREVER home. This is for your benefit as well as the dogs. Deciding on the homes for our dogs is a very difficult and time consuming process that always involves several of our long experienced rescue members. We do not take any placement lightly.

Most of our dogs require a securely fenced yard environment. This is not negotiable and will be verified along with other household members at the time of the home visit. Often a placement is contingent on whether we think the adoptee will be able to adapt and live harmoniously with other pets and people in the house.

Rescue doesn't work for everybody so please make sure you are ready for such a commitment before you apply. Our dogs have already had a tough enough time.

Lucy in her forever home

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Updated July 2003